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North Texas App was our first full project. We created a beautiful iOS app, along with a simple data-driven backend and management solution. This web-based administration was a key factor in NT App's success. Over the course of a two-year run, the app saw over 29,000 downloads and dedicated users. In addition to the app and its backend, 88 Oak also created all of NT App's branding and design language.

Services Provided by 88 Oak

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With lots of data-driven features, it was important to make sure the most important things were front and center.

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Each function of the app was very detailed, yet organized. The most-checked information sits at the top, for super-easy checking.

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To make something easy to use, we had to remove the clutter. Even before iOS 7, the content was the highlight of the user's experience.

ToasterOven Backend

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Everything in NT App was fully native, and was designed to take advantage of everything each platform could offer.

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To keep all of the data up to date, we built a custom backend including a menu system that was updated daily, automatically.

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With iOS 7, we took a fresh look at everything and created new user experience models, such as the Right Slider, to view other times.

ToasterOven Backend

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