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We make things on computers and phones.

While we're located in North Texas, we've had the pleasure of working with people across the country to build great products. We're a team of two (and sometimes three or four) guys who enjoy programming, designing, and Back to the Future. If you're interested in working with us, we'd love to take some time to talk to you about how we can make something together.

Who we are.

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Trey Tartt

An avid sports fan, Trey has been developing high-quality software for over a decade, with a speciality in mobile apps. As an expert in backend web stacks and API-driven services, his experience encompasses a broad range.

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Adam Selby

A craft beer enthusiast, Adam has been creating user interfaces for both the web and mobile devices for the past 8 years. While working on projects ranging from icon design to animations, his attention to detail is always visible.