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We craft beautiful apps.

88 Oak is a small software studio located in North Texas, where we develop and design your ideas into reality. We work with companies of all sizes to build apps and services for consumer products and internal tools, and we can help you with a wide array of project needs.

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Mobile Development

We know the ins and outs of both major platforms, and can build fully-native apps for you. We don't just write high-quality code, but we build and design the best user interfaces.

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Web Development

Building stellar mobile apps is one thing, but engineering great services is entirely different. We can build a complete web-based backend for your app, or an original website.

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Icon Design

Creating icons that fit their environment, yet stand out in the spotlight can be hard. We can find your product's unique element, and make it something memorable.

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Branding & Marketing

After design and development is complete, you have to market your product. Not only can we build a solid lasting brand image, but we can also help you start sharing it.

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User Interface Design

A mobile application is nothing without good design. We're experienced thinkers in intelligent user interface design, and focus on the details of how things work.

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Experience Design

Once everything's said and done, there still may be something off. Something that means your product doesn't feel quite "right". We'll help craft those magic finishing touches.

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